Negative Covid-19 Test required for travel

Negative Covid-19 Test Lamp

The UK, Germany and The Netherlands are among the growing number of countries accepting a negative Covid-19 LAMP test before being allowed enter.

LAMP technology is one of the WHO recommended nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT) to detect the presence of infectious molecules (either DNA or RNA) from a patient sample. Unlike PCR, LAMP can be carried out in a less complex laboratory environment and time to result during the test is less than an hour.  This means that results can be returned to patients in 2-4 hours while still maintaining excellent sensitivity and specificity.

Each country’s rules vary slightly but clear proof of the negative test will have to be presented upon arrival.  The following countries are accepting Negative/Not detected LAMP tests before travel. Please note, regulations are subject to change so always check with your local airline for an update on the guidelines and requirements.

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