HiberGene launches combined Covid-19 and Flu Test

HiberGene Diagnostics launches combined Covid-19 and Flu molecular diagnostic test, allowing health officials to test for both illnesses using a single swab.

Following the successful launch of their CE marked fast molecular diagnostic test for Covid-19  earlier this year, HiberGene have re-designed and re-validated their Flu test to allow active COVID-19 and Flu A and B infections to be detected and differentiated from a single patient swab sample.

During winter months, significant Covid-19 activity combined with a notable flu season can put substantial burden on global healthcare systems.

The HiberGene platform allows molecular diagnostic testing for both Covid-19 and Flu A and B at the same time, thus reducing the time to result for a complete and accurate diagnosis, the cost of reagents, the number of swabs a patient needs to endure and the time to effective targeted treatment. This means substantial savings for labs and hospitals diagnosing respiratory infections with similar symptoms.

Ultimately, the HiberGene combined testing is vital during periods of co-circulation of Covid-19 and Flu, and saves valuable healthcare resources, while giving superior patient care.

Gary Keating, CTO of HiberGene says

Using HiberGene’s proprietary sample preparation solutions and protocol, a single respiratory swab can now be simply and rapidly processed for both COVID-19 and Flu onboard the portable HG Swift analyser.  Up to four samples can now be tested in parallel for Flu A, Flu B and COVID-19 in 60 minutes on a single HG Swift Plus unit.  High to moderate viral loads can be detected with a simple direct processing protocol, while enhanced sensitivity using an RNA extraction step has also been validated for the new Flu test.

In Ireland HiberGene has partnered with RocDoc Health Check, a GP practice based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath who provide a Covid-19 testing service and who recently set up their swabbing and lab facilities at Irish airports to provide the much needed Covid-19 testing service to travellers. David Rock, CEO of RocDoc said

After genuine concerns from our GPs and healthcare professionals within RocDoc regarding imminent winter pressures that will be with us shortly, we needed a way to be able to differentiate our usual winter flu patients from our Covid patients. Otherwise there is the potential for the healthcare system nationally to become overwhelmed. We are delighted to build on our successful relationship with HiberGene to give an enhanced patient experience.

Deirdre Glenn, Head of Lifesciences, Enterprise Ireland said;

Irish lifesciences and medtech companies have delivered a phenomenal response to the Covid-19 pandemic, rapidly delivering new innovations and increasing production of products. Hibergene Diagnostics has been at the forefront of this with the delivery of rapid testing for Covid-19 in response to urgent global demand. This new test combining both Covid-19 and Flu testing will deliver even more efficiency to the Covid-19 response.

EU The HiberGene Covid-19 test development is supported by a grant of €930,000 from Horizon 2020, the EU programme for support to research and innovation.

The combined test is currently undergoing the CE marking process and is currently available for research use only.


For further information contact:
Fran Fanning, Director
T: 353 87 326 0791
E: Fran.fanning@hibergene.com