News: Covid-19 Testing Centre opens at Dublin Airport


A DRIVE-THRU COVID-19 test centre is opening at Dublin Airport from today. Testing facilities are already operational at Cork and Shannon Airports. Drive-thru and walk-thru facilities will be operated by two private providers at Dublin Airport from today.

The two screening centres will offer tests priced between €99 and €159. Diagnostics group Randox will operate a walk-in centre that conducts PCR tests and will deliver results in 24 to 48 hours. A private healthcare company, Rocdoc, will offer the drive-thru service, with PCR tests costing €129. Again, it will take between one and two days for a result from PCR tests to be returned.

Currently PCR tests – the standard Covid test, usually using a nasal swab – are the only type of test recognised by Irish health authorities.  The Rocdoc facility will also offer LAMP testing, which is not yet recognised in Ireland in terms of international travel, but which has a shorter turnaround time.

Other EU countries operate different testing regimes and travellers are urged to check the requirements for their destination country. The National Virus Reference Laboratory (NVRL) is currently carrying out a validation process on LAMP testing, it is understood. If approved by the Department of Health, the new test could be incorporated into Ireland’s testing regime.

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